Manufacturing Process

Organizational Directives for Environmental Stewardship

"Greening up the organization" extends throughout the Company, including manufacturing and administrative departments. Specific programs have been designed to target particular aspects of the overall program. Those aspects are:

  1. Energy Conservation through the reduction of consumed natural gas, electricity and water.

  2. Natural Resource Conservation through reducing solid waste sent to landfill.

  3. Storm Water through a reduction of white water waste discharge through in plant processing of water.

  4. Recycling of paper, cans, light bulbs and batteries.

  5. Non-Hazardous Waste through various programs designed to reduce manufacturing waste.

  6. Dust Emissions through upgraded dust control system.

  7. Noise reductionin plant.

Recycling Program in all US locations

TRIARCH recycles all paper, cans, card board, fluorescent bulbs and batteries (excluding car batteries). Employees are encouraged to bring batteries and fluorescent bulbs from home for recycling as well. Color coded bins are located throughout the manufacturing facilities with a central collection location.