A sophisticated paint product providing the effects of oxidized metals with optional hints of silver and gold.  This contemporary, water based material has a VOC content of less than 40 grams per liter, which meets the requirements for interior paints and coatings in New Construction and Core & Shell for IEQ Credit 4.2 under LEED®*. 

KLONDIKE is a modern, elegant, water-based variegated paint for interiors  The decorated surface is washable, breathable and repairable if damaged.  Klondike's unique appearance allows it to transcend traditional to contemporary design schemes, making it ideal for almost every environment.  Optional gold and silver effects enhance the general oxidized metal effect.  Brochures, samples and an installation DVD are available through our local sales representatives.

  • Available in 48 metallic effects

  • Components consist of a special primer and two coats of finish

  • Applied by trowel or optionally by brush with a dry trowel burnish step

  • VOC at less than 40 g/l - Contributes toward satisfying IEQ Credit 4.2 under LEED




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  With 48 carefully selected color effects, Klondike fits into almost every design palette.  Shown here, the creative use of Klondike as an accent provides a focal point to any room.
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Technical data:

Data Sheet 





KLONDIKE colors shown here are the most popular combinations used by architects and designers today.



klondike_color_01 klondike_color_02




klondike_color_03 klondike_color_04






klondike_color_04 klondike_color_06

Before Making A Final Color Selection:

It is the intent and purpose of this web-based color guide to provide a basic representation of Triarch KLONDIKE options and is offered as a sales aid only to select a range of colors for final selection.  This web-based color guide shall not be used for final color selection as color differences will occur from one computer to another. 

Actual color selection should be made from 6" x 6" design control samples of each KLONDIKE color to be used on the project.  Samples shall be prepared using the same tools and techniques proposed for the actual installation by the applicator/contractor.

*LEED® is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and is used with permission

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R0: 9-23-2010